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We’re a team of professionals in the finance and property industry – with an interest in helping aspiring first home buyers reach their goals.

We do this through education and information sharing. Workshops, webinars and our programs are all designed to get you into your first home – and beyond. Our focus is on building your wealth, one step at a time.

Anastasia Cockbain, Mortgage Broker

With access to multiple lenders and hundreds of products, I’ll work with you to match your goals and situation to the product that suits you. My aim is to ensure your financial growth, simplifying the process, allowing you to rest assured that your finance application is looked after.

With over 4 years working in the finance sector and varied experience in numerous client services, marketing and project roles, my diverse work history provides me with insight, ideas and the ability to think outside the box and generate solutions to difficult problems. Holding all relevant qualifications and always looking for more learning opportunities, you can feel confident that your loan is in good hands.

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Sheila Cabacungan, Financial Adviser

Sheila believes it’s important for you to know that her advice and product recommendations won’t be influenced by the fear or favour of a financial institution. She’s a woman on a mission being an empowering, integrous leader sharing financial wisdom, prosperity and peace of mind through her Financial Planning Practise. Financial Planning is about delivering 3 things for every client:
Hope to create new possibilities for the future that move and inspire you to act in service of that future,
Peace from financial uncertainty and worries about money and a sense of
Plenty, knowing that you have “enough” to live a life you love.


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Tracey Warden, Conveyancer

Buying and selling property can be a life-changing financial decision. When engaged by a client, Tracey Warden Conveyancer takes on the role of overseer or manager of the rather complex process to ensure this sometimes stressful period is as smooth as possible. By taking the time to understand your personal goals, Tracey offers advice on how current laws may affect your transaction and ensures you are fully aware of all of your rights and responsibilities prior to any contracts being signed, or transactions taking place. The personal, communicative style at Tracey Warden Conveyancing helps guide you through the process, translating legal jargon into easily understood terms. As buying or selling a home is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, it is important that you use an experienced conveyancer that you can trust. At Tracey Warden Conveyancer, we hold the key to your next property.

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